Here at Element Earth we utilize the newest and highest quality technology to capture the shapes and textures of the outdoors. From hand held and desktop 3D scanners, versatile 3D editing software, and the most accurate 3D printing machines to produce these replicas. This technology as you might know can be utilized in many fields and industries. If you have a business or an idea that needs or could benefit and come to life with 3D tech... Element Earth has the tools.


We utilize 3D scanning and measurement devices that transform objects into digital 3D models for industry applications including CAD/CAM, reverse engineering, quality inspection, and 3D visualization.


Software to take the scans we capture and create the objects we want to produce. By shrinking, enlarging, mirroring, or altering in various ways to fit the intended outcome.


Produce part to cast or an end use part.

Designing & Collaboration

Please contact us with questions and or to discuss further any product, project, or idea you have in mind that could be galvanized by 3D technology.