Color Options

Element Earth 3D Replicas are available in a wide variety of colors.
Great news!
As of Feb 1, 2019, there is no additional charge for choosing any of the available colors!
Europe/Composite X Production Colors
Dannomond currently comes in the following colors,
some of which have a good Aragon match, some of which have a loose match,
and some of which have no match:
Matching Notes
There are no real perfect matches, but several are pretty close.
Jet Black 10 is the closest match with Aragon black
Comp-X Green 77 and Aragon Green 16-16 are very close
Comp-X Orange 76 and Aragon Orange 14-01 are very close
Dannomond Purple 78 sort of matches Aragon Purple 07-13,
but not always. Dannomond Purple 16, also called Signal
Violet, is a bit lighter than Aragon Purple
Bright Yellow 2 and Sky Blue 7 are not the same as
Aragon Yellow 15-12 and Aragon Blue 13-01
but many people use them together. Yellow is a closer match than blue.
Traffic Red 5 is kinda like Aragon’s red 11-24 but not the same.
Lime 69 is supposed to match Aragon’s 16-09
but closer to Aragon 16-08
and not a perfect match for either.
Pure White 79 – not guaranteed to stay white,
will yellow with sun/time,
not super bright. 
Over the years Composite-X has made lots of different colors in their
different mixes, and Kilter Europe and Urban Plastix Europe are only made in
Dannomond so only Dannomond colors are available and the
color you get is the Dannomond version of the color.
If you have previous holds  from Composite-X in another mix and
you want them to match your new holds, please let us
know so we can ask them what colors will work.
Not Recommended
Aragon Alien Green 16-29 is a good match for Dannomond
Fluoro Green 12; except Fluoro Green 12 is not guaranteed
to be stable. Also Fluroescent Pink 13 is not a stable color. These
unstable fluorescents cannot be guaranteed to match anything,
even previous versions of themselves, so we recommend
against them unless you really don’t care what color your holds are.
We cannot take color returns on Fluroescent Green 12 or Pink 13
orders, these color are “at your own risk”.
Composite-X are currently working to produce matching
colors to the rest of Aragon color palette we use (listed below) as well.
US/Aragon Production Colors
Aragon has a wide variety of colors available.
If you don’t specify a color choice you will receive each
set in whatever color they were pouring when they did your
order or whatever they had on the shelf.
Specifying colors is free of charge, though sometimes

not specifying can make the order come faster.

All of these colors are identical to the colors offered by other

companies with the same manufacturer in the same material.
For Aragon there is only one material available so all Aragon
should match all other Aragon as long as you get the same
color code.
Your perception of these colors may depend on your monitor,
so if you are unsure, have questions about a color or color match,
or don’t see a color you want, please ask and we can probably
help figure it out for you.
Color requests can take up to 30 or even 45 days to fulfill,
up to 60 days for large orders. It all depends on how
busy our manufacturers are, so let us know if you’re on a time
crunch or have questions and we’ll see what we can do.
We sometimes have shelf stock available in various colors.
Shelf stock can ship asap. If you want to know what is
currently on the shelf, just email us.
Please call or email with questions.
Setter Closet Aragon Standard Colors (US)
Other Normal Colors (US)
Colors are given clockwise from tag:
Extended Palette
These colors are given counterclockwise from tag:
Day Glo