Element Earth

Utilizing 3D technology Element Earth has the ability to replicate actual (and even famous) outdoor climbing routes/ bouldering problems, and the holds and textures from their natural surfaces.  Element Earth 3D climbing holds are created using high quality polyurethane and made to order to bring the outdoors, indoors. Possibilities range from climbing on holds & textures from a route in Thailand, solving a bouldering problem provided by the Colorado Rockies, or smearing your favorite climbing shoes on the textures contained in Joshua Tree National Park. At Element Earth we ask you to join the journey.

Element Earth is the birth place of 3D climbing hold research, innovation, development, and production. The leading company in outdoor 3D climbing hold/ texture data collection, rendering, and reduplication. Accomplished by utilizing 3D technology: scanning, software, and printing. Element Earth is US company based out of Colorado. With progress & expansion directed towards having operations world wide. While supporting the evolution of the climbing industry & planet earth.